15 New Technology Designs Coming in 2020

A wide array of new technology designs out there are offering options for safer travel, a sharper mind, and all the fun you didn't know you could have! Along with this are several tech designs ready to take their shot at changing the way we live in 2020.

Featured 2020 Technologies
00:00 Intro
00:27 Looking Glass Holographic Workstation
1:06 Lifesaber
1:53 Artiphon Orba
2:36 FOCI: Focus Boosting Wearable
3:24 Quirky Air
4:23 Bosch Virtual Visor
5:04 Roav Bolt
5:53 JBL Reflect Eternal Headphones
6:43 Pocketalk Translator
8:05 Mojo-Vision Mojo Lens
8:56 DEAnsect
9:47 SkyTrek Smart Luggage
10:47 Tilt Five Holographic Gaming System
11:58 Qwake C-Thru Mask