37 Great Kitchen Hacks You Never Knew You Needed

I’m sure that you have at least one egg in your fridge and it means that you can prepare super delicious and quick breakfast. Watch this video and you will find a lot of ideas on how to make cool dishes from eggs. The best thing is that you don’t even need to have some special cooking skills or lots of ingredients.

Start from a healthy breakfast idea - fried eggs with bell peppers. Yes, this dish is incredibly easy! Place bell pepper ring in a frying pan. Crack an egg into bell pepper ring and fry for a couple of minutes. One more healthy breakfast that will be a good choice for those people who are on a diet - omelet in a plastic bag. Combine all the ingredients in a bag and boil it in a pan with water. Voila! Have you ever tried to cook egg rolls? I love egg rolls with cheese because they are incredibly delicious. Watch our step by step tutorial!
A cool way to store eggs for a long time is to freeze them. Place eggs in ice cube silicone mold and freeze. Take an empty plastic bottle and combine yogurt, eggs, sugar and flour. And now you can cook pancakes from the bottle. You can even make a cake. Watch the tutorial!
We share a cool way to prepare coffee using an orange. Check out the incredible tutorial! One more crazy recipe is chicken cooked in watermelon. I bet you haven’t known how delicious it is!

00:09 Amazing egg recipes
01:20 Yummy breakfast idea
08:38 Homemade jam
09:30 Egg sandwich
12:48 Egg roll with cheese