10 Space Discoveries of 2020 Show We Might Not Be Alone

Astronomers from MIT registered a repeating signal from 500 million light years away. Such signals are called fast radio bursts, or FRBs, and they’re usually singular events. No one knows what their sources are, but they could be supernovae or bursts of energy from quasars. This repeating one, though, is pretty creepy because it’s regular: for four days, radio equipment captures signals all the time, and then they abruptly stop. But after 12 days, the same pattern begins: 4 days of constant radio bursts and 12 more days of silence.

Astronomers managed to locate the signal as coming from a galaxy half a billion light years away from us, but what causes it is still unknown. It may be a spinning quasar or a supermassive black hole, but an alien technology is not excluded either. By the way, there just might be about 6 billion Earth-like planets in the Milky Way galaxy alone. The latest data has shown that every fifth Sun-like star can have at least one planet in its habitable zone! Okay, here's the most amazing news from the further reaches of outer space.