10 RARE AND AMAZING FLOWERS You Won't Believe Exist

Flowers that you would never have imagined exist, hard to believe even when you see them with your own eyes. Look at these amazing flowers that will leave you amazed. Would you like to have one of these in your garden?

-Ghost Orchid
This unique flower is native to Florida, Cuba and the Bahamas and usually appears, mainly in moist forests and swampy areas.

-Snake Gourd
Do not think that this list is all about monstrosities, I also have beautiful plants despite the fact that their names indicate otherwise.

-Hydnora africana
This South African flower looks like a melon with teeth, but in truth it's a plant that does not have chlorophyll, and therefore does not perform photosynthesis, preventing it from producing its own food.

-White Egret Flower
From the Far East comes one of the most beautiful flowers in the world and that only inhabits China, Korea and Japan.

-Youtan Poluo
Within a list of strange and unusual flowers, Youtan Poluo stands out above all for the enormous enigma that surrounds it.

-Corpse Lily
What?! Isn't it Vileplume? Not! It´s the Corpse Lily, the largest individual flower worldwide, since it can measure up to 3.3 feet in diameter.

-Devil's Hand Tree
Is native to Guatemala and southern Mexico can reach up to 98 feet tall and was revered by the indigenous peoples of the area.

-Aristolochia salvadorensis
This flower has a face of Darth Vader. It´s a plant that only lives in the jungles of El Salvador and Guatemala and, like Otrora Anakin, it´s used to being a bit ruthless when it comes to achieving its objectives.

-Beehive Ginger
From Southeast Asia comes a plant that stands out because its inflorescence resembles a beehive.

-Purple Passionflower
How passionate this flower can be if it looks like a helicopter or a dangerous virus?